Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Huggie earrings are a style of hoop earrings that are small in size and hug the ear, sitting close to your earlobe.

Drops are simple attachments that drop from the base of the earring. Up until now, drops were mainly danglers, but due to ALINI's unique locking system, they can be inserted and removed easily to look like they are a part of the original Huggie.

TWISTLOCK is a registered trademark of ALINI. It is a unique locking system with a 'T' bar and spring lock.

Sterling silver / 925 silver, gold and rose gold are plated with 24K gold. Silver pieces have an anti-tarnish coating for a longer lasting sheen. All our Huggies have our brand's stamp inside to know it's a genuine piece.

Sterling silver, 92.5 silver, and 925 silver are all the same. It is an alloy made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. An alloy is a mixture of two elements like copper and zinc. We add an alloy because 100% silver is too soft for jewelry production.

All ALINI gold- and rose gold- plated items feature real 24K gold overlays.

Our wide range of Drops in different shapes, cuts, and colors are made from crystals, quartz, lava rocks, zircon, mother of pearl, and a small selection of genuine freshwater baroque pearls. The majority of our stones come from East Java and are handcut.

Some are completely natural and some man-made, traditionally produced using quartz, minerals, and sand. Crystals come in a large variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes and are very affordable.

Keep gold plated and silver treated jewelry in a plastic bag. To avoid scratching, place only one piece of jewelry per bag. Remove jewelry before swimming in chlorine, salt water, and before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot. Put on jewelry after applying lotion, makeup, or perfume.

Wipe pieces after each use using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You may also soak it in warm, soapy water for a few minutes and dry it with a soft cloth. You may also use a soft toothbrush to clean small cracks and crevices.

If you feel your jewelry has become dull, you can contact us and have it re-finished for a nominal fee.

If the locking system isn't working as intended, contact us and we will fix it for you. If the gold plating has become dull, we can refinish it for you at a nominal charge. Unfortunately, we cannot replace Drops that have broken or cracked due to being dropped or hit with a hard object.

Yes, we will frequently bring out new shapes in Huggies and new cuts, colors, and shapes in Drops, including gold, silver, and pavé Drops.

Yes, we currently have earrings and pendants but will soon launch interchangeable rings and bangles to our collection. Stay tuned!

Yes, we will inform our production team and let you know how long it will take to reach you.

We currently accept bank transfers, all major credit and debit cards, GoPay, Shopee Pay, convenience store over the counter via Alfamart, Danamon Online, and Akulaku.

All payments are processed securely through Xendit.